Propane Grilling Essentials

Propane grilling essentialsThe first thing most people do when they’re done grilling is to sit down and eat their food. The cleaning and tidying can be done afterwards. But surprisingly, many people leave their gas line on after they have cleaned up and put the grill cover back over their propane grill.

Regardless of the easiness of forgetting to turn it off or the thought that you may be using the grill again within a short period of time, it is always essential to turn off the propane gas valve when your grill is not in use.

Propane Grilling: Safety First

Two possible scenarios exist that can only be fueled by gas lines left open. If someone or something accidentally bumps the control knobs, gas will build up first inside the grill, and then will spill out into the area surrounding the grill. This is clearly a dangerous and explosive condition.  The second, although it sounds unlikely, involves squirrels or other animals chewing through the gas line itself, and it happens much more often than most people think. With either situation a small spark is enough to ignite the gas that has now been building up and can prove extremely dangerous if not fatal.

Another problem with leaving the gas line open is caused by fuel bypass, which simply results in the grill not being able to heat past 250–300 degrees. Leaving the gas line open can be convenient and save a few seconds each time you start or finish grilling, but the safety problems involved with doing so make those extra few seconds more worthwhile to spend on closing and opening the gas line each time you use your grill.

If you have questions about propane grill safety, please contact our customer service department or visit the Propane Safety First website.  For over 25 years, Mighty Flame Propane Exchange has been serving the local propane tank exchange needs of businesses and families across the USA.  If you have questions, we’re here to help.