Storing Propane Exchange Tanks

Safe storage of BBQ grill propane exchange tanks is something that every BBQ propane grill owner needs to know. It’s important to know that the location and position of your propane exchange tanks are both important propane grilling safety factors. Storing BBQ grill propane exchange tanks alongside or close to other flammable or combustible materials is extremely unsafe and is something that you should never do under any circumstances. NEVER STORE OR USE PROPANE EXCHANGE TANKS INDOORS, IN THE HOUSE OR GARAGE.

Choosing a Propane Exchange Tank Storage Location

BBQ grill propane exchange tanks awaiting use should always be stored in a well ventilated area away from areas where they could accidentally be knocked over or damaged. Propane exchange tanks should always be stored in an upright position and placed on a flat surface such as concrete or other non-flammable material that will not collect water. Propane tanks stored in places that have damp grass or mud risk exposing the tank to conditions that often causes rust to form as well as subjecting it to pitting and other corrosive damage. Storing any propane tank indoors is never a good idea. It is recommended that a propane tank be stored outside on a hard surface and away from any source of ignition.

Position of Propane Tanks During Storage

Propane exchange tanks pressure relief valveYou should always have your BBQ propane exchange tanks positioned so that it is upright. This allows the pressure relief valve on the top of the tank to do it’s job properly. Inside a propane tank there is liquid propane.  There is also a space above the liquid propane where the propane has turned from it’s liquid state to gas or vapor. (Propane boils at -47F). The pressure relief valve is designed to allow propane vapor to escape if the pressure inside the tank becomes too great. By storing your propane exchange tank in an upright position, the pressure relief valve can do it’s job.

It is also important that when you store your propane exchange tank, make sure the pressure relief valve is pointed away from anything that any escaping propane gas could be ignited by and cause a fire or accident.

Improper BBQ Propane Tank Storage

If you have a BBQ propane exchange tank that is about half full, and you store the prone tank on it’s side, the liquid propane inside the tank is approximately level with the safety relief valve.

If propane tanks are stored improperly, such as on their side, with the relief valve in contact with propane liquid and the safety relief valve opens for any reason, liquid will be escaping instead of vapor posing a real danger. It is best practice that any consumer propane tanks be stored vertically upright at all times, and under all circumstances.

Ask the Propane Exchange Tank Experts

If you have questions about propane grill safety, please contact our customer service department or visit the Propane Safety First website.  For over 25 years, Mighty Flame Propane Exchange has been serving the local BBQ propane tank exchange needs of businesses and families across the USA.  If you have questions, we encourage you to get in touch with us. We’re here to help you enjoy safe propane grilling for you and your family.