Outdoor Living with Propane

A Natural Extension of Your Home

Propane products can help turn your outdoor living space into a “three-season” or “all-season” room. These outdoor living with propane tips will help you enjoy the outdoors even as the temperature drops.

Take advantage of the outdoors, even when the weather gets a little cooler.

  • Outdoor Living with PropaneFIRE PITS are perfect for gathering, relaxing, talking, or star gazing with friends. And when they’re fueled by propane, you don’t have to worry about spark bans and smoke.
  • SPA & HOT TUB HEATERS. The Water’s Perfect. Fast.  No one’s hopping in the spa or hot tub until the water’s just right. And with propane heating, you can make it just right, just like that.
  • PROPANE PATIO HEATERS can make cool nights quite cozy.  Available in full size — perfect next to the grill to keep your cook comfortable — and a small 2-foot tall tabletop version that can heat five feet in diameter.
  • PROPANE AREA HEATERS.  Stay warm and cozy with a built-in propane heater or radiant floors in a covered porch space. Even when the days get shorter, you can still get the most from the outdoors with some well-placed lighting.
  • INSECT CONTROL. New mosquito eliminators protect up to an acre of land from these bloodthirsty invaders. These eliminators use a remarkably effective design.
  • GAS LIGHTS.  As the season begins to change, turn on some beautiful gas lights for atmosphere and visual effect.  Consider lighting more than just your dining area. A post lamp is the perfect way to highlight a garden.

Let Mighty Flame Propane Exchange help you enjoy outdoor living with propane It’s easy to create an outdoor living space that will increase your home’s value, provide an exciting place for you to relax, entertain and spend quality time with your family.

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