Cleaning Your Propane Grill

Cleaning your propane grill is part of being prepared for great grilling. Grilling can be a fun and unique way to cook your favorite foods, but one of the most important parts of owning a propane grill is making sure that it’s kept clean throughout the year. Keeping your grill clean has a lot of advantages, including making sure the food you cook on it comes out really good, and it goes without saying that a clean grill makes for a more enjoyable, safer cookout than one with a lot of leftover gunk from previous cookouts clogging this up with the potential to not only catch fire, but to ruin the taste of your food this weekend.

So when it comes to cleaning your propane grill, here’s the basic list of things you’ll need to keep your grill spic and span:

  1. Cleaning gloves
  2. Non-lint terry cloth
  3. Sponge
  4. Soapy water
  5. Glass cleaner
  6. Stainless steel cleaner (if applicable)
  7. Grill brush
  8. Paint scraper
  9. Paper towels

Cleaning Your Propane Grill – Start with the Outside

Starting with the outside of the grill, begin cleaning the cool lid by using the soapy water and the sponge to wipe of the outside. If you feel there is a buildup of dirt, grime, and grease, use the glass cleaner and terry cloth to get more off of the outside of the grill.

Cleaning the inside of the lid starts by removing the carbonized grease (what looks like peeling paint) with the grill brush. Using the glass cleaner and terry cloth, clean away the discoloring of the inside of the lid. You may have to use some muscle, but when you’re finished, the inside of the lid should look almost brand-new.

Next, remove the bars and grates and clean them with a grill brush, warm soapy water, and a sponge to remove the grease. Set them aside and let them air-dry until you are ready to put them back in the grill.

Moving on to the burners themselves, use the grill brush to brush width-wise. Brushing the length of the burners will cause the debris and buildup to be forced farther into the ports.

If you have heat deflectors, use the same method as for the grates and grill brush—soapy water and the sponge should remove the buildup that has accumulated on these. Scrape any grease buildup on the sides of the grill into the catch pan on the bottom of the grill.

Take the catch pan and scrape the buildup out and then use the soapy water and sponge to clean and shine the pan.

Any other portions of your grill that may need to be cleaned can use any combination of the glass cleaner and soapy water/sponge.

BBQ Propane Grill Tank Exchange: Fast & Safe Grilling

Propane grilling is a lot of fun. Take a little time, and before you know it, your grill will look better than ever! And while you’re at it, this is a good time to check the propane level in your tank and if it’s near empty, take it to your nearest propane tank exchange location and get a fresh, clean one that’s been safety tested and ready to do. Happy grilling!