The words “propane cylinder exchange” and “winter” don’t always necessarily feel like they go hand in hand. Generally when people think about grilling, they conjure up images of shorts and tanktops and lounging on the back porch. Although in many instances, you probably won’t want to be outside in the winter tossing a baseball back and forth with your buddies, that doesn’t mean you can’t still fire up the grill from time to time.

At Mighty Flame, we’re big proponents of having a grill session during the winter. A little bit of cold and snow doesn’t have to stop you from enjoying some deliciously grilled meals. We’ve provided our readers with tips for grilling in the winter in the past–as a matter of fact, it was just over a year ago now–but in today’s blog we would like to share a few of the reasons you should give it a try if you’re on the fence. Keep reading to learn more!

Why Grill When There’s Snow On The Ground?

The Flavor’s Not the Same

Perhaps the most compelling reason to fire up your grill in the middle of winter is because you’ve been craving the perfect steak. You spent all summer perfecting your techniques and you have everything down to a science. You know when to pull your steak out of the refrigerator, how to season it, which part of the grill to use and how long to sear your steak before you flip, and even how long you need to let it rest when before you dig in.

That type of thing just can’t be replicated. Sure, you can make a perfectly acceptable steak in your cast iron skillet on your stove, but it’s just not the same. When you’re craving a steak on the grill, only the grill will do.

It Gives You a Reason to Get Rid of Snow

If you keep your grill in your backyard like many of your fellow Americans, you might look outside from time to time and think to yourself, “I really should get out there and take care of some of that snow.” Perhaps you’ve been meaning to shovel a walkway from your back door to the fence. Now is the time to do it.

While you have your shovel ready and you’re clearing a path to your grill, go ahead and take a moment or two to get everything else in order. Your future self will definitely thank you.

Put a Smile on the Face of Your Family

Let’s be honest for a second. You tell your wife that you’re thinking about firing up the grill when it’s 20 degrees and there’s snow on the ground and you’re apt to be met with a look of confusion. Other people are probably not going to understand your passion, but they probably will smile when they realize how much you love grilling and what you’re willing to do to put a good grilled meal on the table.

Your family members will smile again when they try the food that they haven’t had since August. Of course people forget how good food tastes when it’s made on the grill and that’s part of why everyone is so eager to break out their grills in the spring!  You, however, remember exactly how that grilled steak tastes and it’s what drives you to toss some food on the grill when others might not.

Find a Propane Cylinder Exchange Location Near You

Whatever your reason for grilling in the winter, the team at Mighty Flame is here to make sure you have exactly what you need to get it done right. You know that it is worth the effort to break out your jacket and shovel a path because the reward is a bounty of delicious food you would have had to wait until March or April for otherwise.

Be sure, of course, to follow all safety procedures highlighted in our winter grilling guide–combined with a bit of common sense, of course–and the end result is going to be some perfectly grilled foods that will make you the envy of every neighbor on your block. While they’re out shovelling their own snow, they’ll catch a whiff of something so elegantly delicious that you just might start a trend and have your whole neighborhood clamoring to fire up their own grills.

The team at Mighty Flame is here to help you out every step of the way. With a number of propane cylinder exchange locations across the country, we’re always close by. Swing by while you’re out picking up salt for your sidewalks and you’ll be ready to go when you get back home. You’ll also want to keep an eye on this space because we’ll continue to bring our readers more winter grilling tips, tricks, ideas, and recipes. Until next time!