Here are 12 Tips for Propane Winter BBQ Grilling

If you love to grill like I do then you, you can appreciate these 12 tips for propane winter BBQ grilling.  When it comes to grilling, I will grill all year long regardless of the weather. If you’re raring to fire up the grill this winter, be sure to find a Mighty Flame propane cylinder exchange location near you to get started!

Grilling in the winter does offer up some challenges but if you follow some of the simple tips below, your winter grilling will be easy and safe.

Shovel out:
Having a safe path back and fourth from your grill is important. There is nothing worse than getting your steak grilled and slipping and falling and your steak landing on the ground.

Get the snow off:
This may seem obvious but I have seen people no do this. The snow will melt and put out your fire. Clean it off first. Also, clear a work area around your grill to avoid slips or falls.

Check your parts:
Before using a propane gas grill in the winter check the hoses for any cracks.


Safety first:
Just because it’s cold outside remember it is never a good idea to grill in an enclosed space that can trap deadly carbon monoxide, like inside a garage, under an over-hang, indoors or in an enclosed area. In addition to carbon monoxide accumulation, accidental fire damage, and smoke damage are all possible so be aware of any loose or dangling clothing that could catch on fire. Be careful to follow BBQ propane grilling safety tips.

Plan ahead:
Set up your work area in advance. That means gather anything you think you need like brushes, sauces and trays. Snow gloves are not barbecue gloves as they don’t have the heat resistance needed. Also, gloves are better than mittens when it comes to working tongs.

More fuel in the winter:
Your grill whether you use gas or charcoal, will have to work harder to keep the heat level where you want it. It is a good idea to have extra charcoal or a spare tank of propane on hand in the winter as a gas grill will typically require more fuel than it would in the warmer months (see our list of propane cylinder exchange locations near you).

Always pre-heat your grill:
The colder temperatures will mean your grill will need a little more time to get up to the temp you want for cooking. Give it a good 5-10 minutes extra from what you would normally wait. It is best to pre-heat to 400 or 450 degrees as a minimum and then adjust the temperature. When you place your food on the grill and it doesn’t sizzle then that tells you that it is not nearly hot enough. If cooking on a charcoal grill, make sure to use plenty of charcoal to get the heat needed for grilling

Keep away from wind:
Try to put your grill in an area that is blocked from any wind as much as possible. It is best to position gas grills so the wind is perpendicular to the gas flow and not blowing the flame down the tube burners. If grilling at lower temperatures, keep a close eye on your grill to ensure that the wind doesn’t blow out the flame. If you do need to move your grill out of the wind, keep in mind that minimum clearances is needed to avoid damaging your home or deck.

Make it simple:
Standing in the cold grilling is no fun. Your best bet is to grill what you know like those tried and true recipes that you know by heart. If you can cook with only flipping your food once you will get better results.

Take more time:
Food takes longer to cook in the winter and grills can take longer to warm up. Give yourself extra time for dinner. I can’t stress enough that you need to use an instant-read thermometer to measure the internal temperature of foods so you are sure they are cooked throughly.

Light it up:
A grill light is very handy to have. As you know it get dark earlier in the winter and cooking outdoors in the dark will only hamper your efforts.

Keep the lid closed:
If you open and close the lid to your grill often you let the heat escape and this will affect the cooking time.

Find a Propane Cylinder Exchange Location Near You!

So there you have my 12 tips for propane winter BBQ grilling.  Of course the last thing you want to happen is have your grill die out on you because you ran out of propane right in the middle of grilling your dinner.  Mighty Flame BBQ propane cylinder exchange locations are just around the corner and fully stocked year around. So whenever the urge strikes to grill out, grab the snow shovel and your trusty lighter and get your grilling game on. And just remember that you can always rely on Mighty Flame propane BBQ tank exchange wherever you live.