Cooking healthy foods can sometimes be a big challenge, but it’s more important than ever to find a good balance in the types of foods that we’re putting into our bodies. The number of different food related allergies is on the rise–whether it’s dairy, gluten, garlic, tree nuts, or something else, it can be hard to find foods that aren’t doing more harm than good.

Ask anyone who has an allergy and he or she will tell you that it can make planning a meal incredibly difficult sometimes. Not only do you have to avoid foods that you’re making for yourself, but you also have to double check about ingredients when you go out to a restaurant or have a meal at a friend’s house.

Luckily For You, We’re Here to Help

Whether you want to eat healthier because of an allergy, to improve your overall health, or just to lose a little bit of weight, we know that doing so can be difficult. Fortunately for you, we have a few tips on how to make healthy meals. We’d also advocate for grilling whenever possible because it allows you to change things up and try techniques you might not otherwise experiment with.

So grab a grill, find a propane cylinder exchange location near you, and pick up some ingredients, because today’s blog is all about sharing some of our favorite tips.

Fat Isn’t Your Enemy

For the longest time, people thought that eating fat made them fat. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Although you shouldn’t go overboard with fat, science has discovered that fatty foods can often be good for you. Take avocados for example–they’re full of fat, but it’s considered a healthy fat that can actually do quite a bit of good. Olive oil is another great source of fat that you might consider using in your cooking.

Stay Away From Sugar

Okay, now that we know that it isn’t fat that makes us fat, what exactly is it that does? The simple answer is that sugar is the culprit. This is also why you’ll see many diets advocating for the restriction of sugar and also carbohydrates. Why is that? Because carbs turn into sugar in your body which your body then stores to use later. The end result is that you put on weight. How can you combat this, you ask?

Opt for Lean Protein

Chicken and fish should be used when you’re cooking healthy meals. Not only can you cook both of these ingredients in a number of different ways, but they’re also incredibly delicious on the grill when seasoned with just a little bit of salt and pepper. Find the right recipes and you’ll be set for quite some time. Struggling to cut back on the beef? Ground turkey can be substituted in a number of different dishes to provide a similar texture that’s a bit healthier.

All Things in Moderation

Perhaps the best bit of advice you’ll get about healthy eating is that you should remember the phrase “all things in moderation.” That means that while you should certainly take your new eating habits seriously, you should also make room for venturing off the path. You should treat yourself to a bowl of ice cream every now and again. Not only will this help to keep you from bingeing on harmful foods later on, but it’s a great reward for a job well done so far!

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No matter what your health goals are, we want to wish you good luck. With a little bit of dedication and a lot of searching for healthy recipes, you’ll be on the road to success in no time at all. The key, of course, is to just stick with it. Don’t worry about the setbacks when they inevitably come, but instead, keep pushing forward. The team at Mighty Flame wishes you well on your journey!

If you’ll be doing a lot of cooking on a grill when you’re on the path to success, we have a number of propane cylinder exchange locations across the country. So stock up, grab yourself some healthy groceries, and put your best foot forward. We believe in you!