With Memorial Day weekend just around the corner, the team at Mighty Flame thought now might be a great time to walk our customers through the process of exchanging a propane tank. If you’re a grilling pro, there’s a good chance that this is something you’ve done a countless number of times, but if you’re new to grilling, this is a post that you might find particularly helpful. After all, if you find yourself in the latter position, you may have picked up a grill and a propane tank last summer, but haven’t found yourself in need of more propane until this year.

If that’s the case, then you’ll appreciate today’s post, because we’ll be walking you through exactly what to expect when you visit one of our many propane tank exchange locations across the country. At the end of the day, at Mighty Flame Propane Cylinder Exchange, our goal is to make the lives of grillers everywhere that much more pleasant. If you’re in need of a fresh propane tank and you’re wondering what the process looks like, keep reading to learn more!

Step One: Visit Your Nearest Mighty Flame Location

First off, you’ll need to visit a Mighty Flame location in your neck of the woods. We’ve provided a link above, but here it is again if you prefer this one for some reason: click here to find a propane tank exchange location near you.

We have Mighty Flame locations in over 40 states here in the U.S. and plenty of locations in Canada as well, ensuring that no matter where you are, it is always easy to run out and grab a fresh tank because we’re right on the way.

Step Two: Leave Your Propane Tank Outside

When you get to your Mighty Flame location of choice, simply take your empty propane tank and leave it outside of the store. Simply set it down right next to the propane cabinet and head inside. It’s as simple as that!

Step Three: Head Inside for Further Instructions

Once you’re inside, just let the clerk know that you have an empty propane tank and you need to swap it out for a fresh one. If you’re buying a new propane tank and you don’t have one to exchange, feel free to disregard steps one and two. Once the attendant knows why you’re in the store, he or she will ring you up and you’ll be nearly done with your journey.

The title of this post is all about how easy it is to exchange a propane tank and at this point, you’re probably realizing just how true that is. Whether you’re exchanging an empty tank for a new one or buying a propane tank, the attendant will head outside with you to pick up your new tank.

From here, all you have to do is walk on over to your vehicle and then…

Step Four: Head Home With a New Propane Tank

With the tank in hand, all you have to do now is set it on the floor of your vehicle and make the drive back to your home. That wasn’t so bad, was it?

Bonus Step: Fire Up the Grill!

Now that the whole “buying a propane tank” thing is taken care of, you can get to the fun part. Well, after one more quick thing, that is. Safety first, as the saying goes. Before you fire up the grill, use a bit of dish soap and water to check all connections for leaks. If you see any bubbles at the connection, you’ll know that there’s a leak and your grill isn’t safe to turn on. If there are no bubbles, you’re in the clear! Rinse the sudsy water off and get a nice fire going, because it’s there that the fun really begins!

Whether you’re grilling burgers and brats or trying something more ambitious, you’ll be enjoying your food before you know it. Of course, if you need some inspiration for what to grilling, be sure to head on over to our blog archive page to find plenty of recipes. Some of the recipes you will find were written by our team and others are treasures that we’ve discovered across the internet. Either way, we’re excited to share them with you.

You’ll also find plenty of grilling tips, techniques, tricks, ideas, and more. As you can probably imagine, we are passionate about all things grilling and it is our true honor and pleasure to be able to pass on some of the knowledge that we’ve picked up along the way. Whatever you choose to grill this weekend, we’d like to wish you a happy Memorial Day. Have fun, be safe, and enjoy spending time with the people that you care about the most. Until next time, friends and neighbors!