Here at Mighty Flame, we are huge fans of outdoor grilling. If you have been following along with our blog for any amount of time, you have probably seen the grilling tips, tricks, and recipes that we have provided. Hopefully you’ve found a few ideas around here that are now in your monthly rotation that you have enjoyed so much that you just keep coming back for more.

You see, we always say that when you buy a propane tank, you unlock a world of culinary possibilities. It’s the reason that we provide our readers with so many easy to make recipes that are huge on flavor without requiring a whole lot of effort. Because let’s be honest–not many of us want to come home after a long day of working at the office and spend three hours making a delicious meal when you could get it done much more quickly.

That’s Where We Come In

With easy to follow recipes on everything from making grilled cheese on the grill to using your grill as a smoker to grilling up a pizza to enjoying the classics, we strongly believe that your propane grill should be in regular rotation. It’s the easy go-to meal preparation device in the middle of the summer, of course. And you know, that really makes sense. People don’t want to have to heat their ovens to 300 degrees, opening and closing the door, and causing their air conditioning bill to skyrocket in the process.

But is it okay to throw a steak on the grill when the temperature starts to dip? Some might disagree, but our take on the matter is that there’s something truly special about enjoying a steak and a baked potato on a cool fall evening that just can’t be beat. Sure, you could make your steak on top of the stove in a cast iron skillet and it would turn out wonderfully too, but grilling a steak will always be our preferred method.

The charred grill marks always combine so wonderfully with the tender juiciness that comes with taking a bite of a steak that’s been prepared on a grill. We also believe that it’s a joy to throw on a jacket and a flannel shirt and spend a bit of time in the backyard after a long day of answering emails in the office. It’s not quite the same as heading out for a hike or going fishing, but after being inside of your office all day, the crisp fall air in the evening is quite literally a breath of fresh air.

Should You Be Doing Anything Differently?

If you agree with us that your next steak deserves to be made on the grill while enjoying the wonderful fall air, you might be wondering if there’s something you need to do differently. Thankfully the answer is simple–because of the difference in temperature between summer and fall, you may need to keep your steak on the grill just a bit longer, but you should still be able to tell what you need to do just by looking at your steak. After an entire summer of grilling, you’re a steak pro!

Wondering where to buy a propane tank at this time of year? Mighty Flame has you covered, friends! Swing by a propane tank exchange location near you and pick up a fresh tank so you too can enjoy the adventure that is fall grilling. For many, fall is the season they look forward to all year. Why not get outside and enjoy it while making some food on the grill? You’ll thank us later.