If you’ve been following along with our blogs recently then you know that the team at Mighty Flame Propane Cylinder Exchange is gearing up for fall. No, it’s not here quite yet, but before you know it the sun will be going down earlier and the temperatures will start dropping slowly but steadily. This isn’t bad news for grillers, despite the fact that many people consider summer to be prime grilling season.

As a matter of fact, fall grilling is easier than ever and just because the weather’s a little different or it’s a little bit darker doesn’t mean that you have to give up on firing up your grill. We’re huge advocates for grilling during the fall (and even into the winter, but more on that topic in the coming months) and if you keep your eyes on this blog space then you’ll see plenty of seasonally-appropriate grilling tips, tricks, recipes, and ideas in upcoming posts.

But in today’s blog we’d like to highlight a few grilling accessories that we think you should invest in (if you haven’t done so already) that will come in handy as the summer starts to fade into the fall. If you’re on board, we have the information you need, so keep reading to learn more!

Invest In These Fall Grilling Accessories

Grill Cover

If you haven’t purchased one already, now is a great time to buy a cover for your grill. After all, it sits outside in the elements and even if you bought a budget-priced grill it’s important to protect your investment. Many grills are made out of stainless steel but that doesn’t mean they’re invincible, of course. At the end of the day, an inexpensive grill cover will go a long way towards ensuring that you get many years of use out of your grill. Sure, you might have to replace a grill cover every couple of years, but that sure beats the alternative of getting a new grill that often, doesn’t it?

There are plenty of places to get grill covers locally, but in many instances you can save a couple of bucks and maybe even get something that’s been made specifically to fit your grill. Trust us when we say that this is probably the best grill accessory you’ll ever purchase and it’s worth putting to good use.

Metal Spatula

Yes there are a number of sets out there that advertise themselves as a “30-piece grilling kit.” Think about it for just a second though and you’ll realize that you’ll never use a majority of the items that come in the kit. Our advice is to invest in the items that you know you’ll actually use regularly. In the end this will likely save you some money because the all-in-one kits often come with cheaper components that won’t last as long. Instead, spend a bit more on something that’s going to last.

A metal spatula is a crucial accessory for grilling enthusiasts. Even if you’re only an occasional griller and you make burgers a couple of times a month you’ll find plenty of uses for your grilling spatula just by flipping burgers. The more you grill, the more you’ll be thankful for this indispensable accessory.


From turning corn on the cob to flipping steaks, a good pair of tongs will also come in handy when you’re grilling. As the weather cools off, steaks start to find their way onto the menu a bit more (in our experience anyway!) and a good pair of tongs is absolutely essential here. Could you use a spatula to turn your steaks? Sure, but tongs will get the job done much more easily and you’ll find about a million different uses for them as you build your grilling skills and start to work your way up to becoming the grillmaster you’ve always aspired to be.

Wire Bristle Grill Brush

Another essential grilling accessory is a grill brush. Our recommendation is to grab a wire bristle brush that’s been specifically designed to clean the gunk and grease off of a grill’s grates. You will have to replace your grill brush every so often but it will go a long way towards keeping your grill clean. The best way to go about using one of these brushes is to leave the gunk on your grill when you’re done grilling, then next time you grill, wait for it to preheat, then scrape the grates clean while your grill is nice and hot.

You could also try a wood “brush” to clean your grill. While we haven’t used them ourselves, their proponents think very highly of them so if it sounds like something that might work for you, give it a shot!

Grill Thermometer

An absolute necessity at any time of the year, a good grill thermometer will get a lot of use. This is particularly true in the fall. Why is that, you ask? To put it simply, it’s because a lot of people get used to grilling particular items during the summer. For example, you might know that the method you use to cook burgers takes exactly four minutes on each side to get it to the perfect amount of doneness. What happens when the fall starts to blow in a cool breeze? That’s inevitably going to drop the temperature of your grill a bit and it might take slightly longer to cook the things you want to cook. A grill thermometer ensures that you get it just right.

Other Items You Might Need

Smoke Box

Fall is the perfect time to give a smoke box a try. If you don’t have one of these, you might not see an immediate need for it but it can go a long way towards enjoying something delicious in the fall.

A Grill Light

As the days start to get shorter, an LED light that attaches to your grill will help you to keep an eye on your foods as they finish cooking. These are inexpensive, but they can make a big difference when the sun starts to go down.

Williams-Sonoma Nonstick Pizza Pan

Featured on Popular Mechanics, this pizza pan has been specifically designed to be used at high temperatures. If you love the idea of throwing a pizza on the grill, this is the perfect accessory to have this fall and you’re sure to find plenty of uses for it as you craft your own pies.

Don’t Forget to Buy a Propane Tank

Whether you intend to grill occasionally or frequently this fall, head down to the nearest propane tank exchange location and buy a propane tank to make sure you’re prepared for whatever the season throws your way! At Mighty Flame Propane Cylinder Exchange we’re glad to say that we have a number of different propane tank exchange locations all across the country. Run out and get one, make sure that you have the right accessories for fall grilling, and enjoy some amazing food!

And, of course, keep your eyes on this space because we’ll be sharing more great fall grilling posts in the coming days and weeks to help you get the most out of grilling during everyone’s favorite season. Until next time, friends and neighbors, happy grilling!