We know what you’re thinking–“how is it that this company has been writing blogs for ages now and hasn’t touched Hank Hill?” Everyone’s favorite seller of propane and propane accessories, Hank Hill, for the uninitiated, was the main character in the acclaimed television show King of the Hill.

On air for the 13 years between 1997 and 2010, King of the Hill became one of Fox’s most well-loved animated series, and as Wikipedia notes, “The show became one of Fox’s longest-running series (third-longest as an animated series, behind The Simpsons and Family Guy), and briefly was the second longest running animated sitcom in history.” In other words, it was an insanely popular show.

“I provide the people of this community with propane and propane accessories.”

Set in Arlen, Texas, the show focuses largely on Hank and his friends Bill Dauterive, Boomhauer, and Dale Gribble (also known as Rusty Shackleford, as well as a number of other aliases), his neighbors (the Souphanousinphones), and his family.

It’s incredibly hard not to find a character to love when you watch King of the Hill. Whether it’s Hank and his steadfast disregard for the benefits of modern life, his son Bobby with his youthful optimism and dislike of sports, his wife Peggy and her mastery of espanol, or his friend Boomhauer and his…well, his voice (?), there are plenty of loveable characters.

As a matter of fact, some famous actors and musicians have even lent their voices to the show. The list includes Brittany Murphy, Johnny Knoxville, David Carradine, Dusty Hill (of ZZ Top who plays Hank’s cousin on the show), Meryl Streep, Brad Pitt, Lucy Liu, Reese Witherspoon, Snoop Dogg, Ed Asner, Chuck Mangione, Brendan Fraser, Tom Petty, and many more.

Would We Say We Love Propane as Much as Hank Hill Does?

One of our favorite quotations from the show is in an episode where Dale thinks that Hank is dying. As Hank is lying in Dale’s arms, Dale says, “Hank, you’re dying. I’ll never forget you! I will bury you in my backyard. I’ll dedicate my life to propane. And don’t worry about Peggy, because I’ll keep Bill away from her.” Hank, who is not actually dying, responds, “I’m fine, Dale, but if you’re serious about the propane, I’ve got some pamphlets.”

You know, it’s a sentiment that we can really get behind. At Mighty Flame Propane Cylinder Exchange, we agree with Hank that propane is the perfect way to fire up a grill at the end of a long day of work. Come to think of it, we might not be quite as geared up on the subject as Hank is, and that’s saying a lot consider we make it a point to share our favorite grilling tips, tricks, recipes, and ideas on an almost daily basis.

You see, we believe that there’s something special burgers and brats. As a matter of fact, our last post was all about the ways that propane connects us with the things and people we love. So while we may not have a one-liner about our love of propane in the same way that Hank does, we’d say that our priority in life is the same–to share the joy of propane and propane accessories with the world.

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Whatever you plan to do this weekend–whether it’s catch a baseball game or watch some reruns of King of the Hill–you’re going to need to eat. Of course our suggestion is to fire up the grill and make yourself something delicious. You’ll find plenty of great recipes in our blog archive, along with grilling tips on everything from how to sear a steak to how to make your own rubs and recipes for everything from grilled shrimp to unique hot dogs to fancy burgers.

Be sure to keep your eye on this space as well because we’ll continue to bring you great content in the days to come, and we have some really great stuff in store! In the meantime, drop by a propane tank exchange location near you to buy a new propane tank or swap out an empty one. Until next time, friends and neighbors!