Here at Mighty Flame Propane Cylinder Exchange, we think that grilling is something for all seasons. That’s why we’ve been writing over the last week or so about grilling a Thanksgiving turkey and then utilizing your grill for leftovers in the days after Turkey Day. But let’s say for a second that someone else is making the turkey. You’re supposed to come up with an appropriate side and you’d like to use your grill, so what do you do?

Fortunately the team at Mighty Flame has you covered! There’s nothing we love more than firing up the grill for some delicious food. You can trust us when we say that regardless of what else you’re having for your Thanksgiving meal, the foods we’re sharing in today’s post will be the highlights of your get together. What’s going to make the list? Keep reading to find out!

3 Grilled Dishes to Try This Thanksgiving

Grilled Brussels Sprouts

This recipe, courtesy of Weber, is sure to be a hit. Yes, it’s a side dish, but this will be all anyone’s talking about! Their recipe is simple with a total of only seven ingredients being used–most of which you probably already have hanging around in your pantry. Their recipe notes that these brussels sprouts are delicious without being bitter and that “the smell–the smoky, salty, nutty aroma is proof enough to put more than just a polite serving of one on your plate.”

We’ll most definitely be making these for our own Thanksgiving dinners and we would highly suggest that you do the same.

Grilled Sweet Potatoes

Everyone loves sweet potatoes around Thanksgiving. They’re practically a fall staple! Most often we enjoy some good sweet potato wedges on the grill with a burger, but this recipe for grilled sweet potatoes from My Recipe sounds like the perfect complement for Thanksgiving Day.

Like the recipe for brussels sprouts above, this one is also simple, requiring just a few ingredients and only about 20 minutes total of your time. This, of course, is a huge plus on a day where everyone is running around the kitchen and competing for space and time with the oven. You won’t have to worry about that at all! Thinly sliced sweet potato wedges seasoned minimally with salt and pepper will likely be all it takes to mix up a holiday classic and ensure that your family is eating with smiles on their faces.

Grilled Bread

This easy recipe from Pillsbury is a perfect complement to Thanksgiving turkey, dressing (or stuffing), mashed potatoes, gravy, and cranberry sauce. You need bread, of course, so why not throw it on the grill? As we have mentioned, making some of your foods on the grill frees up precious oven space that others in your family might need to make their own delicacies. You can grill yours and get out of the kitchen–and the stress that comes with it–to sneak outside and make everyone’s favorite holiday carbohydrate.

Not only is this grilled bread recipe an absolute breeze to make, but you can also customize it to your liking. Looking for something a little sweeter? Sprinkle it with cinnamon sugar. Need a bread that’s more savory? Top it with parmesan cheese and olive oil. Does your family prefer to go with the classics? Slice it up and spread some butter on it and you’re all set. It really doesn’t get much better than this.

Stay Tuned For More

Even though Thanksgiving is just about over, you can count on the team at Mighty Flame Propane Cylinder Exchange to continue to bring you more grilling tips, tricks, and recipes to get you through the rest of the holiday season. We have some real doozies coming up for Christmas, so be sure to keep your eyes on this space.

Not sure how you can grill with snow on the ground? Not to worry, because that’s another topic that we’ll go over in depth in a future blog. Essentially what you can expect from us in the weeks to come is everything you need to know about grilling at Christmas. So break out your holiday cheer and prepare yourself for some of the best holiday recipes you’ve ever seen!