Mighty Flame Propane Tank Exchange is your source for exchanging propane tanks when you need it. We are dependable, affordable, safe, clean, and dedicated to customer service if you should ever need us. Luckily, however, we’ve set up a propane cylinder exchange program to run smoothly without much intervention. When you get the urge to have an outdoor barbecue or go on a week-long camping trip that will definitely require propane, we’ve got you covered with a propane gas tank exchange that is as simple as 1-2-3. We have a wide group of propane exchange retail partners who we are confident in, which sets you up for success with thousands of Mighty Flame propane tank exchange locations across the United States and even up into Canada. For those of us who hail from upstate New York, this is a very good thing. Here is what the process of buying a propane tank through Mighty Flame looks like, on average:

How To Exchange Your Tank:

  • Take your empty propane tank to the Mighty Flame Propane Cylinder Exchange location that is closest to you. All you need to do is take your empty tank out and leave it next to the Mighty Flame exchange cabinet, found outside of the store.
  • Go inside the gas station (or wherever you are exchanging your tank), like you have a thousand times before, and tell the store employee the Magic Mighty Flame words — “I’d like to exchange my Mighty Flame propane tank for a new, filled one, please.” And voila!
  • The final step is to put your new propane tank in your vehicle. Then the good times are gonna roll. But make sure it’s the good times that are rolling — and not your propane tank in the back of your car. Keep it in an upright position, making sure it’s far away from open flames and too much heat. Then you are ready to grill or use your propane tank for a variety of uses!

Later on in today’s post we’ll address the “variety of uses” in more detail. But for now, allow us just a few words on why we think Mighty Flame is a great place to buy propane.

  • Attention to detail – We refurbish and inspect each and every propane tank cylinder after an empty tank is given to us. Every tank is clean and freshly painted when you receive it. You can shop confidently knowing that you Mighty Flame propane tank is precision-filled, lead-tested, completely inspected and certified, and carries the Mighty Flame brand for delivery all across the nation to our retail partners.
  • Reliability – You don’t hang around for as long as we have at Mighty Flame without being good at what you do. We’ve built our reputation on reliability. We are here when you need us. And yes, we understand that having a functional propane tank is the most exciting aspect of a barbecue or a camping trip, but it doesn’t make it any less vital. People choose Mighty Flame because they know what they are getting.
  • Tamper-resistant packaging – We offer Mighty Flame Tamper-Resistant Shrink Wrap Sleeves to make sure that the quality and integrity of each Mighty Flame cylinder you buy is of the highest order
  • Experience & Convenience – Okay, we are putting the last two together, but we have a promised blog topic to get to so allow us a liberty or two. We’ve been around since 1937. Like we mentioned above, it’s no coincidence when a company stays in business for that long. We are a family-owned propane tank company that has a passion for getting our customers and clients the high-quality propane when they need it most. We do so by offering Mighty Flame tank exchanges throughout the country. Find the convenient propane exchange nearest to you right here.

Propane Facts That Will Blow Your Mind!

Now we come to the meat and potatoes of our post. While we typically blog about some of our favorite grilling recipes and why Mighty Flame is worth looking into as a place to buy your next propane tank, we are going to get a little bit creative today, offering up a random spackling of propane-related facts that range from strange to interesting to downright practical! At least, that’s the hope we have. Without further ado, let’s get going!

  • If you are wondering what propane is, we’ve got you covered, although we might suggest you learn to use a search engine or an encyclopedia in the near future! Just kidding, we are happy to be your propane resource of choice here at Mighty Flame. That said, propane is a hydrocarbon (C3H8, in case you care), and is also known by some as liquefied petroleum gas, LPG, or LP-gas. So if you see those labels displayed on a tank that you think is propane, you’re all square. Propane is produced by either crude-oil refining or natural gas processing. One thing we appreciate about propane in particular is that of all the propane that is used in the United States, some 97 percent of it is produced in North America. Propane itself is non-toxic, but it is also colorless and barely has a detectable smell. Distributors often instill propane with an identifying odor so it can be smelled easily, as is the case with natural gas.
  • Propane is one of the lightest and most simple hydrocarbons that we know of. Because of this fact, it’s one of the cleanest burning fossil fuels in existence. It is also not considered a greenhouse gas.
  • Propane gets used by over 12 million American residents every year. Common applications for propane include cooking, drying clothes, water heating, fireplaces, home heating, grilling, heating spas and pools, and space heating. Propane is important to have on hand in case electrical power goes out, as propane is often the type of energy that fuels standby generators.
  • Propane has a range of fun uses in addition to keeping you safe and warm should other power sources go out. With propane, you can cook your dinner, grill a chicken breast, dry your clothes, heat your water for a soothing shower, bake a delicious cake, and, more generally speaking, cut down on your monthly energy bill. Did we mention propane as an energy source is extremely efficient and affordable?
  • Propane’s versatility doesn’t stop there, however. There are many hundreds of home-propane uses, to be sure, but there are also millions of commercial entities that utilize propane advantages every single day. From restaurants to hotels to commercial companies that simply prefer to use propane as an energy source, everybody likes propane. Perhaps not one kind of person likes it more than chefs, however, aside from Mighty Flame Propane Tank Exchange employees, naturally. In fact, did you know that 97 percent of professional chefs choose cooking with gas?
  • Propane is remarkably safe in addition to having myriad applications. And as we mentioned earlier, it is a non-toxic gas. This means it won’t contaminate groundwater or soil if it happens to be spilled, as it is also exempt from the EPA’s tough underground storage regulation. Propane has been deemed safe to use indoors because it doesn’t release a requisite number of emissions, which makes sense because propane has been involved in fewer accidents and fires than electricity has. The odds are very strong that any and all propane equipment or appliances you might have will be built to last and be safe throughout the duration of their lifespan.
  • Propane has a wealth of practical benefits. It’s superior from an eco-friendly perspective, especially when compared with other fossil fuels. Propane goes well beyond the traditional reach of natural gas lines, meaning it can be transported to places where natural gas simply can’t go. You can place propane tanks underground, as we highlighted above, which serves as an ideal alternative to above-ground propane tanks, which can be something of an eyesore.
  • Propane furnaces are wonderful, for no other reason than they produce hotter air than your average electric heat pump. What’s more, propane furnaces typically last 20 years whereas electric heat pumps will usually putter out before they reach their teens. Repairs are cheaper for propane gas furnaces when compared with alternatives as well, so going with propane makes sense pretty much any way you look at it!
  • Propane gas water heaters recover close to twice as fast when compared with alternatives, and propane gas clothing dryers are more efficient and effective than electric dryers. They won’t scorch your clothes because the heat is moist as well. This leads to less wear and tear on the fabric of your clothes, which is clearly a nice thing.

We could say more about the wonderful world of propane, and we will! It just won’t be happening in today’s post. We’ve reached our quota of propane-related facts for the day, and we’d bet a fair bit of money that our readers have as well. But if there is one fact you remember from today’s post, let it be that Mighty Flame is your go-to for places to buy a propane tank. Find your nearest Mighty Flame location today!