Can you believe that Major League Baseball is about a third of the way through the 2018 season already? There are 162 games each season which means that there’s still a lot of baseball left to be played. One of the things that makes baseball such a great sport is that any team can beat any other team on any given day. It’s the predictable unpredictability of baseball that’s such a joy for many teams. For example, the best pitcher in the game can face the worst hitter and the person at bat can still end up with a home run.

At Mighty Flame Propane Cylinder Exchange, we’re pretty big fans of the sport. That’s why in today’s post, we’d like to talk about three ways that you can get the most out of watching a game at home. No matter which team you root for, you’re sure to find something in today’s blog to appreciate. If you’re a baseball fan, keep reading to learn more; if you’re not, well…keep reading anyway, because we just might be able to convert you.

Planning to Enjoy a Game at Home?

As we mentioned above, there are plenty of opportunities for anyone to head to the World Series this year because no one has been statistically eliminated from doing so at this point. Predictably, the Red Sox and the Yankees are at the top of the American League East. The Indians, the Astros, the Braves, the Brewers, and the Rockies are all holding it together at the top of their respective divisions as well as of the time of this writing.

For many, a highlight of the season so far is Texas Rangers pitcher Bartolo Colon being hit in the stomach by a comebacker from a 101-mile-per-hour fastball. As the oldest pitcher in baseball, it was concerning, to say the least. Colon, however, shook it off, noting that “it’s okay” because he has “a big belly.” One thing is for certain: there are sure to be plenty more exciting moments to come in the rest of the season!

What will you do to enjoy those games? Here are a few suggestions.

Invite Friends Over

There’s nothing quite like experiencing baseball with a few friends. If they are also fans of the game, great! On the other hand, if they could care less about baseball, it’s just fun to have other people around.

At the end of the day, it’s just a nice change of pace to be able to sit around with a few friends, enjoy a cold drink, and watch your favorite team for nine innings of baseball. It just doesn’t get much better than that, in our opinion. Of course, going to a game and experiencing it in person will always take the cake, but having people over is most certainly a close second.

Take a Break to Toss a Ball Around

If you have friends over, be sure to take a break to go play some catch at some point. Advancements in modern technology mean that it’s easy to pause the game that you’re watching, head outside to toss the ball around, and come right back in to pick up where you left off. An added benefit of doing this is that you can skip through commercials when you get back inside. Just be sure to avoid social media until you’re caught back up unless you don’t mind having a potentially big moment ruined for you!

Fire Up the Grill

We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention that grilling and baseball go together like…well, like this year’s Chicago White Sox and losing, to be honest. As of the time of this writing, their record is 15-32 for a winning percentage of .319 and the worst record in baseball, although the Orioles aren’t looking particularly good either.

Back to the point though. Enjoying a baseball game with good friends is the perfect opportunity to fire up the grill. Why a grill, you ask! Because there’s no frying in baseball! You don’t have to go overboard or anything. Just throw on a few burgers and brats with some corn on the cob and you ought to be just fine. Food and sports go hand in hand, after all, and if you have a grill, you might as well enjoy the best food with the best sport, right?

Swing By and Grab a Propane Tank Today

With baseball season in full swing (please pardon the pun), there are still plenty of opportunities to enjoy the best that this wonderful sport has to offer. Even if you can’t make it to the park to see a game, there’s no reason that you can’t enjoy the sport from the comfort of your own couch, and Mighty Flame is here to help. Swing by a propane tank exchange near you to make sure that you have plenty of the safest, cleanest, and most efficient way to do your grilling outdoors.

And, of course, you can also feel free to check out our blog archive page to see some of our favorite grilling tips, tricks, recipes, techniques, and more. From how to make your own steak seasoning to how to care for your grill to which grilling accessories you need to how to perfectly cook a burger, we have you covered with everything that you need to know to make the most of your grilling experience.

So, until next time, enjoy some burgers and baseball!