Here at Mighty Flame, we are massive fans of a well-grilled steak. There’s an art to making a steak that is often developed over time and it’s easy to find a method and stick to it. Having a certain way of doing things is perfectly valid, of course, but when you stop experimenting you just don’t know what you might be missing out on!

That’s why in today’s blog we’d like to take a look at a few steak grilling techniques that we feel are extremely underrated in the grilling world. After all, because so many different people have different ideas of what makes a steak good, it can be tough to try them all. Luckily for you we’ve narrowed it down to three techniques that we think you ought to try, so head to a nearby propane cylinder exchange location, grab some steaks, and head back home to give these grilling methods a try!

3 Steak Finishing Methods You Have to Try

The Reverse Sear

We’re pretty big proponents of the reverse sear technique. Conventional grilling wisdom would have you sear your steak as soon as you throw it on the grill, creating grill marks in the process. From there you’d reduce the heat under your steaks and continue to cook them until you reach the desired temperature. Although this method has been used for years, there might be a better way to do things.

The reverse sear is, as its name implies, pretty much the exact opposite of the technique we mentioned above. In other words, you’ll start by putting your steak on the cooler part of the grill, cooking it evenly on both sides and making sure that it’s approaching your final temperature. To finish things off, move the steak to the other part of your grill and cook it over high heat, turning it a quarter turn, flipping it, and then doing a quarter turn once more. The advantage of this grill method is that you’re able to ensure that you get the sear marks you love and also have a perfectly cooked steak. Give it a try some time, because we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

The Butter Bath

Put the steak sauce aside, because once you try a butter bath you’ll never go back. And actually, on second thought the term “butter bath” might not be entirely accurate because this isn’t as gross as it sounds. It is, however, an incredibly easy and delicious way to finish off a steak.

However you cook your steak, chances are that you generally let it rest for a little while before you serve. Some people swear by an eight minute rest time, whereas others are content to simply set the dinner table and then start eating. However long you prefer to rest your steak, one way to kick things up a notch is by melting a pat of butter over the top of your steak while you allow it to rest. Doing this lets the butter sink into the meat, providing you with a boatload of extra flavor with minimum effort. If you don’t love the idea of a large hunk of butter melting into your steak, you can still brush the top with a bit of melted butter to provide you with some extra flavor. Either way, we think you’ll agree that this steak finishing method is truly incredible.

The Minimalist

As we mentioned before, a number of people are always on the lookout for the perfect way to garnish a steak. Some of these people opt for steak sauce, while others choose to sprinkle chives on the top. The minimalist method we’re about to describe takes all of the guesswork and experimentation out of finding your way to the perfect steak and it’s the one technique we use pretty much every single time we fire up the grill. What is this minimalist technique, you ask?

You only need three ingredients–your steak, salt, and pepper. It’s as simple as that. After all, a steak is generally flavorful enough that you don’t need to overwhelm it with sauces or or steak seasonings or anything like that. Sometimes simpler is better and if you know you have a good cut of meat then preparing it minimally ensures that you’ll enjoy it…maximally. All you have to do is add a bit of salt and pepper to each side of your steak while you’re firing up the grill and let those two ingredients do all of the heavy lifting. If it’s been awhile since you’ve made a steak this way, you’ll be amazed at what a minimalist approach can do for you. This is one technique that we think should be used on a regular basis.

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