When you get a grill and buy a propane tank, your first thought is probably, “I’m going to grill every day!” But after the first few days of steaks, burgers, brats, and barbecue chicken, you start to run out of ideas. So what are you to do? Especially if you have picky eaters in the house who can’t fathom the thought of eating the same meal twice in a week?

The good news is that it’s probably a little simpler than you think. Burgers, brats, and steak are staples for a reason–they’re fairly simple to make on a grill, they’re delicious, and they go with nearly any side dish. But people love variety. In fact, it’s the spice of life! That doesn’t, however, mean that it takes a lot of work to create delicious meals every single night of the week.

Luckily for you, in today’s blog, we’ll discuss a few tips for planning a week’s worth of meals that the whole family will love. Keep reading to set yourself up for success with plenty of variety that will please even the pickiest of eaters.

The First Step is to Buy a Propane Tank

Grilling every night of the week is a lot easier than you might think and if you do things right, you might not even have to grill more than a few of those nights (but more on that later). It starts with buying a propane tank to ensure that you have plenty of fuel for when you fire up the grill and start cooking.

If you’re in need of a propane tank, stop by one of our propane tank exchange locations and grab a fresh tank. Then head to the grocery store, grab a few ingredients, and you’re off to the races. Here are a few tips for successfully planning a week’s worth of meals.

Plan Ahead

Okay, so your family doesn’t want steak on Monday and then again on Thursday. That’s acceptable. But you can make the most of the steak you do grill on Monday if you do a little bit of thinking ahead. Simply make a bit of extra steak and then use the extra on Thursday for brinner (breakfast for dinner) because everyone loves that!

Maybe they don’t want steak again on Thursday, but steak and eggs with pancakes might sound a bit better to them, don’t you think?

Make the Most of What You Have

Barbecue chicken is the perfect meal for a Tuesday evening, but if you’re family isn’t into the idea of having it again later in the week, the refrigerated leftovers can easily be pulled apart, seasoned with a few spices (cayenne powder, garlic salt, and lime juice do the trick perfectly) and used in tacos, nachos, or burritos easily.

It’s an incredibly simple and effective way to use leftovers without putting too much thought into it.

Think Outside the Box

Burgers on Wednesday sound great! If you grill up enough patties and plan ahead just a bit, you can end up with plenty of leftover ground beef that’s easy to crumble up and add to a pasta. Simply cook your noodles, add your favorite store-bought sauce, and your crumbled burger patties and you’re in business!

Or you could cook some rustically chopped potatoes, carrots, celery, garlic, and onions, adding a can of diced tomatoes and leftover hamburger meat to make a stew the whole family is sure to love.

It’s the perfect way to use what you already have in a unique new way without having to make your way back to the grill.

That Wasn’t Too Hard, Was It?

There you have it. Six meals worth of food with only three evenings spent over the grill. When you buy a propane tank and think ahead a bit, you end up with plenty of options to feed the whole family for a whole week. Plus for the seventh meal you can even order up a large pizza from your favorite local pizzeria and everyone will be happy.

With just a little bit of planning and a little bit of thinking outside the box, you can create meals that everyone in your whole family will enjoy and make life a little bit easier, and let’s be honest–who couldn’t use a bit of a break sometimes?

Wondering Where to Buy a Propane Tank?

If you’re in need of a propane tank, Mighty Flame has several propane tank exchange locations across the country, ensuring that when you need a fresh propane tank, we’re always nearby.

Whether you’ve been grilling for days or for decades, it’s always nice to give yourself a bit of a break. When you choose to buy a propane tank from Mighty Flame, you get a high quality product that’s sure to meet your expectations.