We always say that when you buy a propane tank, you unlock a world of culinary possibilities. What happens when you just want to stick to a classic though? That’s when you turn to the grilling enthusiasts at Mighty Flame for a bit of inspiration, of course!

You see, even when you want the comforting deliciousness of a classic, there are plenty of ways to kick things up a notch. If you’ve been craving a nice, juicy steak, then today’s blog is for you. Keep reading to get a few back-to-the-basics tips and tricks to ensure that the steak you’re about to make is one of the best you’ve ever had.

A Few Things to Keep in Mind

Before we know it, the weather will start warming up again. Slowly but surely, we’ll all be back to grilling on an almost nightly basis. There will inevitably be a push to try something new, sure, but you may also find yourself craving one of the classics. Some of us have been grilling this winter because we just can’t give it up even when it’s freezing cold outside, but for everyone else, the first warm weather we get will mean a trip to the grill.

Of course after so much time off, you’ll need a refresher course. There’s no shame in that! Here are a few things you’ll need to remember:

Buy a Propane Tank

First things first. You’re going to need to buy a propane tank if it’s been awhile since you’ve done any grilling. The good news is that there are a number of propane tank exchange locations to visit, so be sure to swing by and grab one before you do any grilling. After all, there’s nothing worse than firing up the grill only to find that you don’t have enough juice in your tank.

Remove the Steaks from the Fridge

One of the cardinal rules of grilling is that you need to pull your steak out of the fridge before you start grilling. Some places will tell you to let the steak come to room temperature; others will have you abide by a very rigid time limit.

At Mighty Flame, we think a good rule of thumb is to grab your steaks when you fire up the grill and set them out on the kitchen counter. It’s easy to remember and it gets the job done. That’s a win/win in our book.

Less is More

You might be tempted to try out a new steak seasoning or grab a steak sauce. Perhaps you’re considering a marinade. That’s all well and good–and there is certainly a place for all of those things–but sometimes less is more and this is particularly true if you’ve chosen a good cut of steak to begin with.

All you really need is to season both sides of your steak with salt and pepper when you pull them out of the fridge. This allows the flavor of the meat to really speak for itself and at the end of the day, you wanted a steak and not some fancy flavoring, right?

The Reverse Sear

One of our favorite grilling techniques to utilize is what we call the reverse sear. Conventional wisdom tells you to sear your steak as soon as you put it on the grill to get good grill marks and a nice texture. You can certainly do this, but we’ve found that doing it the opposite way also produces some awesome results.

Preheat one burner for medium heat and the other for high. Start things off on the medium side, then when they’re just shy of your preferred temperature, throw them onto high heat to get a good sear and ensure that the delicious crustiness you crave isn’t going anywhere.

Stay Tuned For More

Well, that about does it for us. As you can probably imagine, we’ll be heading off to the butcher shop for a couple of New York strips at this point. At Mighty Flame, we love getting back to grilling basics, so whether you’re a bit rusty after the winter or you’ve just purchased your first grill, keep your eyes on this space because we have all of the grilling tips, tricks, and recipes you’re looking for. Until next time!