If you’re new to our blog page, first of all we want to welcome you! At Mighty Flame, we’re happy to be able to do what we do and we want to share the knowledge that we have with as many people as possible. What exactly is it that we have to offer, you ask? That’s a great question, and it’s also the topic of the day.

Whether you’re new to grilling and need to buy a propane tank for the first time or you’ve been grilling for decades and you’re looking for new recipes to try, we are happy to help you round out the knowledge that you need to grill your best. You see, we believe that no matter how much a person knows about any given subject–let’s take grilling for example–there is always something new to be learned. We are constantly learning ourselves and trying new things in order to become more well-rounded grillers.

We are committed to sharing the knowledge of the grilling community with our readers because we are passionate about it ourselves. How are we going to do that? Keep reading to find out!

What to Expect From Mighty Flame

The Best Grilling Tips

There’s almost nothing better than sharing grilling tips and tricks with our readers. At worst, it provides people with a different perspective that they may never have considered before. At its best, it allows people to have the all-important aha moment that they need to take their grilling to the next level. Take, for example, the reverse sear technique.

People commonly grill their steaks over high heat to get sear marks, then move them to a cooler part of the grill to finish cooking. The reverse sear technique, as you can probably imagine, advocates for doing exactly the opposite–in other words, you start cooking your steak on the cooler side of the grilling, getting it close to your desired temperature, then move it to the hot part of the grill to make sure you get nice, defined sear marks right at the very end. It’s a great technique to have in your repertoire even if you won’t use it often, but we love sharing tips just like these to help people become more well-rounded grillers!

The Best Recipes

Another thing that we’re incredibly passionate about is sharing recipes that are huge on flavor, but easy to make. There’s a big demand these days for easy grilling recipes that don’t require people to spend a lot of time or money making them. For many people, having a good meal that they can make quickly and then spend the rest of their time enjoying it with their families is a huge deal. It’s why we often share recipes that call for “a pinch of this” and “a dash of that” instead of ⅓ tablespoon of this ingredient and half a cup of that ingredient.

We believe that sometimes the best recipes are ones that ask people to use their instincts to cook a dish. What we mean by that is that because grilling isn’t baking, you just don’t have to use specific measurements for everything. Of course when a recipe demands a particular amount of an ingredient we’ll share it, but overall our focus is simply on creating recipes that don’t require people to do anything difficult. Just take a look at our blog archive page to see some unique and interesting burgers that are big on flavor, but are made using common ingredients and you’ll see what we mean!

At Mighty Flame, we know that there’s nothing quite like sharing a delicious meal with the people you love and we want to make that process just a little bit easier for you. That’s all there is to it!

The Best Propane

When you need to buy a propane tank, look no further than Mighty Flame. We use the highest quality materials to make our tanks and you can always rely on them to be filled with high quality propane. Whether you’re planning to make a quick dinner on a weeknight or you are having friends, family, and neighbors over for a huge birthday bash, you can rely on our propane to help make your event as special as it can be.

Wondering where to buy a propane tank? We have you covered! With a number of locations across the country, we make it easy to purchase a propane tank while you’re running errands. Perhaps best of all, you can rely on that propane to help you get your meal cooked to your satisfaction.

Stay Tuned For More!

When you buy a propane tank, you unlock a world of culinary possibilities that we love exploring, so whether you enjoy our grilling tips and tricks, our recipes, or our propane, we’ll continue to bring you the good stuff. Until next time!