Although many people consider grilling to be primarily something that they do in spring and summer, the team at Mighty Flame has grown pretty fond of grilling in the fall. There’s just something special about it that can’t be replicated during other times of the year. Sure, it’s a little chilly outside (more on that later), but the pros always outweigh the cons and we believe that if you haven’t tried grilling yet this fall, now is the time.

In today’s blog, we’ll take a look at three reasons we think you should buy a propane tank and head out to do a bit of grilling this fall. So clean off your grill and get it fired up, because grilling at this time of year is the best, as you’ll soon see!

Why Grill During Autumn?

It’s Fun to Be in the Crisp Fall Air

Everyone seems to get excited when fall finally rolls around. Pumpkin spice flavors start to sound pretty appealing, flannel shirts get pulled out of the closet and start to see more wear, and the holiday season grows ever closer. It’s just an exciting time to be alive! What better way to celebrate than by throwing some food on the grill?

There’s just something that’s so appealing about being outside and fully experiencing that crisp edge when a breeze starts to blow. It’s even better when the aforementioned breeze carries the smell of freshly grilled meats. It really doesn’t get much better than sitting outside with a nice hot chocolate, warm apple cider, or cup of tea and waiting for your food to finish up on the grill. We think that spending time outside just enjoying the weather during fall is vastly underrated and having some food cooking while you’re doing that is the perfect way to experience it to the fullest.

Seared Foods Taste Great

Sure, throwing a steak into the cast iron skillet with some butter can be a great way to cook a steak. We’re certainly not going to try to debate that! But we find it a bit disappointing that grills so often get their covers thrown on them and then tucked away as soon as summer starts to wind down.

Deciding that you want the flavors that can only come from grilling your food provides you with the perfect opportunity to get back out there and clean your grill off. Perhaps you’ve been neglecting actually pulling out your grill, breaking it down, and giving it a deep clean, thinking that you’ll deal with it when spring rolls around.

The benefit of being proactive about it now is that not only do you not have to worry about it all fall and winter, but you can actually still get plenty of use out of your grill now! As a matter of fact, many people still enjoy grilling in the middle of winter. It just doesn’t get much better than hot food on a chilly day.

It Gives You the Opportunity to Experiment

Perhaps best of all is that when you choose to grill in the fall, you get to experiment with different flavors that you might not ever think of trying when the weather is warmer. People love pumpkins this time of year, so why not incorporate that into your grilling? It seems that a number of seasonal flavors become available, so now is the time to start experimenting with things you may never have tried before.

Not only does this help to expand your grilling repertoire, but it also lends a different flavor. As we mentioned above, a steak that’s cooked on your stove in a cast iron skillet can be an incredible thing. The flavor you get from that steak is different than a steak you would make for yourself on the grill. Therefore it makes sense to try other things on your grill that you might otherwise make in a different manner. For example, why not try roasting pumpkin seeds on a pan in your grill rather than toasting them on your stove? Experimenting with new flavors at this time of year allows you to try things that might come in handy in your summer cooking. It never hurts to try new things!

Need to Buy a Propane Tank?

Here at Mighty Flame, one of our favorite sayings is that when you buy a propane tank, you unlock a world of culinary possibilities and we believe that that phrase is almost more true at this time of year. So get out there and do a bit of experimenting because we’ll continue to bring our readers fall grilling tips, tricks, and recipes that they’re sure to love.

Wondering where you can buy a propane tank? We have a number of propane tank exchange locations, so find one near you and swing by.