Since 1937, Mighty Flame Propane Cylinder Exchange has been serving eastern Canada and the United States of America with the best propane money can buy. Well, come to think of it, we have no way of verifying that claim, but we wouldn’t be surprised if it turned out to be true! The reality of the situation is that we’ve been involved with propane distribution and supply since 1937, but it’s only been since 1986 that we’ve become a leading supplier of BBQ gas grill propane tank exchange services and retailer solutions.

We are a family-owned, private, fourth-generation business here at Mighty Flame. We are of the opinion that private businesses which predate World War II don’t grow on trees, but, again, we can’t verify that with hard data, so don’t hold it against us. With over 35 years of propane tank distribution, we have done our best to be a reliable, affordable propane tank supplier, so that anytime you are wondering where to buy propane, Mighty Flame is a brand you can try and trust. That’s how we’ve stayed in business for so long — turning first-time customers into long-time clients is part of the deal at our propane supply company.

We offer thousands of propane cylinder exchange locations in the United States along with Canada, so you are never too far away from your next Mighty Flame propane tank even if you are out in the boonies!

What Our History Means To Us

Given our rich heritage of providing top-quality propane tanks to those who need it, we are proud of our positive contribution to numerous communities over the years. Not only do we provide folks who are looking for propane with the safety and quality they are looking for, but our cylinder and propane tank exchange consumer products and retailer programs are simply unbeatable in our field in terms of customer service, consistency, and general quality. As a testament to this fact, our propane tank refurbish program adheres to the top safety standards in the industry. So you can rest assured that any new Mighty Flame propane tank you get is sealed, freshly painted, and ready for home-use.

What Has Happened Between Our Inception And Today?

Quite a bit, to answer the question just above. The Great Depression was going on, a handful of terrible wars, some incredible inventions, humans walked on the moon, the internet was invented, TV was invented, you were born (in all likelihood), Seinfeld graced us all with its presence, the Red Sox came back from 3-0 down to beat the Yankees, the Berlin Wall and the Iron Curtain fell…we could go on and on.

And we will be going on and on in today’s post. Why? Because we can, that’s the number one reason. The number two reason is that it’s a great way to show just how long ago 1937 really was. And although we didn’t begin our propane tank exchange services until only 22 years ago, we figured why not go the whole-nine-yards and talk about some major historical events, along with some trivial, subjectively important events to boot. If you are a history buff, care about propane, or just like slightly random lists that make a dramatic point, this post is for you!

Major Historical Events Since Mighty Flame Ignited

  • On October 29, 1929, the stock market crashed on Black Tuesday, which saw the “Roaring Twenties” come to an abrupt halt. The prosperity that America had seen was quickly replaced by an economic crisis unlike any the country had yet to see. Some blame the Dust Bowl, some blame an uneven distribution of wealth, some blame the fat cat’s purchasing power, but however you want to cut it, it was something of a perfect storm for terrible things happening. And though we know that 1929 is earlier than 1937 (yes, we can do basic math, don’t worry), the Great Depression provides key context for the history of America.
  • By 1932, America was ready for a change. President Hoover’s hands-off approach wasn’t good enough for folks who were hungry and looking for work. Democratic nominee Franklin Delano Roosevelt promised a “New Deal” for the American public, spurred by the strength of the American Federal Government to proactively stop the economic crash. As most of our readers know, Roosevelt won the election. He spent his entire first term attempting to revitalize the economy, with mixed results.
  • Roosevelt’s second “New Deal” came as a part of his campaign for the 1936 presidential election. He positioned himself against “organized money,” claiming those with the big bucks hated him and his efforts to stabilize the situation. The end of the 30s saw a good number of unions rise up, with GM’s union being among them. But with World War II looking more and more like a global crisis, the country’s attention turned toward Europe.
  • Most of us know what took place in the 1940s — World War II, and all that came with it. We are talking D-Day, the Holocaust, Pearl Harbor, the atomic bomb getting dropped, all of it. But what else went down in the 40s?
  • Did you know that during WWII, multiple famous athletes served in the United States armed forces until the war was over? These athletes included Ted Williams, Joe DiMaggio, Bob Feller, Warren Spahn, Stan Musial, and others. While we are talking about sports in the 40s, the very first African-American played in Major League Baseball, when the Brooklyn Dodgers signed Jackie Robinson in 1946!
  • Once the war was over, the troops came home. Once they came home, they found themselves a lady friend to settle down with and raise a family. Because they had slain the great evil Axis of Germany, Italy, and Japan, most folks were very confident in the future and that it would only bring about peace and prosperity. They weren’t wrong, for a time. From 1945 until 1960, the Gross Domestic Product doubled to over $500 billion. Generally speaking, things were golden in the 50s. The government spent well, adding public amenities and services, and the country saw an increased interest in new technologies in the worlds of aerospace and computer science. People moved to the suburbs and ate apple pie and hot dogs every day. It was a wild time!
  • It wasn’t all sunshine moments, however, as there was significant work to be done in terms of civil rights. African-Americans had been campaigning against racial discrimination for some time, but saw significant change begin to occur in terms of ending segregation. While many southern-state congressmen resisted segregation and other changes, notables like Rosa Parks rose to fame because of their firm belief in equality framed by their non-violent protests.
  • Oh, the Cold War began as well, we should probably mention that little slice of American and world history. As tensions heated up between the Soviet Union and the USA, something strange happened in our country that we often fail to remember in full detail — Americans began to turn on one another due to the “red threat” of communism. Many thousands of American citizens (with the vast majority of them being good patriots) lost their jobs because of baseless accusations. Congress held some 84 hearings with the intent of ending subversive social activities that were deemed communistic or even “unamerican.” These happenings touched sectors that included the government, academia, and even Hollywood.
  • The 1960s are the last decade we will highlight in today’s Mighty Flame blog post. Though many, many things worth mentioning took place in America during the 60s, we’ll focus on the New Frontier and John F. Kennedy’s reforms. The youngest-ever president responded to the cries of the public, ushering in the New Frontier, a campaign with a selection of laws and promises intended to end overt discrimination in the United States in a clear and present way. However, many resisted to this change, with riots in the streets of the New York City’s Greenwich Village at a local gay bar. Patrons fought against the police, tired of being abused and oppressed. Many consider the “Stonewall Rebellion” to be the nascence of the gay rights movement. After Kennedy was assassinated, President Johnson was then able to push his own political reforms through. Johnson declared that America would become a “Great Society” where poverty and racism were done away with…it looks like we’ve still got some work to do!

Buy Propane, Buy Mighty Flame

It looks like we’ll need a bit more time to cover all the historical events that occurred between our inception in 1937 and the present day. All the same, we hope that you get our point. To be able to withstand the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, as some playwright named Bill put it, for close to a century, is no small thing.

If you are planning on grilling or camping this summer, we encourage you to take a look at our Mighty Flame Propane Tank Exchange locations so you are set up for success. Mighty Flame is simple where you buy propane. Contact us today if you have any questions!