Halloween is right around the corner, which means it’s time for some spooky grilled treats! Forget the floating eyeball martinis and the tombstone-shaped cookies. Today, we’re going to share a few scary recipes you can cook up right on your propane grill! Keep reading to get some spooky inspiration!

Grilled ‘Bat’ Wings

Considering that you’re not Ozzy Osbourne, you most likely never have and never will put a bat in your mouth. In fact, eating bats is highly inadvisable. Besides rabies, bats can harbor a number of deadly and debilitating diseases, so please do not grill bats no matter how spooky it will be.

Instead, choose the safer and more acceptable option: grilled chicken wings coated in black barbecue sauce. We discovered this recipe from The Companion Group and you can be certain it will become a staple at our Halloween parties! Considering this recipe is about as simple as it gets, you can easily make this at home. All you need are chicken wings, your favorite barbecue sauce, and some black food dye to add to your sauce (we find that gel food dye will make your sauce black as a bat without altering the texture). Just grill your wings as usual and brush them with the pitch-black sauce before serving them!

Meatloaf Brain

This is a bit of a Halloween classic, so we’ll let you use your own recipe for a meatloaf brain! There are two ways to make this dish. The first is to purchase a brain-shaped pan which you can usually find after some searching online. The other option, which is our preferred method, is to simply get crafty and create a brain-shaped loaf yourself. This is a great time to get the kids involved in cooking if you want to pass this artistic task on to them.

Start by mixing your meat, spices, and other ingredients together per usual. On a piece of foil, shape the meat into a rounded dome roughly the shape of a brain. Use a butter knife to make an indent down the middle of the brain, and finally, carve some squiggly lines around the whole thing. (Pardon our lack of jargon, but we’re not brain surgeons!) When it’s time to put this brain on the grill, make sure to use indirect heat at about 400 degrees and place the foil right on the grill. For extra flavor, use a smoker box with some hickory wood chips!

Bloody Finger Hot Dogs

Another Halloween classic, this recipe typically involves boiling hot dogs and making them look like severed fingers. Well, we personally would prefer a grilled hot dog to a boiled dog any day. To make this, grill up your favorite dogs or brats as usual. Before you serve them, use a paring knife to slice off a small finger-nail shaped section on one end. Then, slice a few lines across the dog to look like knuckles. Put the hot dog in a bun and use a little bit of ketchup to make it look bloody.

What’s Scarier Than These Foods? Running Out Of Propane!

While some people are afraid of goblins and ghosts, our biggest fear is running out of propane right before guests arrive for a Halloween backyard barbecue! Don’t let your nightmares become your reality. Make sure to stop by one of our propane cylinder exchange locations before Halloween! Whether you’re throwing a spooky party or just grilling up a themed dinner for the family before trick-or-treating, you can count on Mighty Flame Propane Cylinder Exchange to provide you with propane tanks that are rigorously inspected for quality and safety — and there’s nothing scary about that!