Propane Tank Exchange.

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Connecting Your New Propane Tank


  • connecting your new propane tankBe sure the CYLINDER VALVE on your propane exchange tank is completely CLOSED by turning the HANDWHEEL clockwise until tight. Be sure all appliance valves are turned OFF.
  • Remove the GREEN CAP and recycle.
  • Attach the appliance connector to your new propane exchange tank at POINT OF CONNECTION. See illustration below.


  • TO CHECK FOR LEAKS. Make a soapy solution of one capful liquid soap and one cup water. Stir to mix well.
  • Using a clean paintbrush or sponge, apply the soapy solution to areas marked with a RED ARROW (See illustration below).
  • Look for continuous bubbles at the RED ARROWS while slowly turning the HANDWHEEL counter-clockwise to the OPEN position.
  • If continuous bubbles appear, a leak exists. CLOSE THE HANDWHEEL and contact a propane supplier to make needed repairs.


  • Light appliance following manufacturers instructions.
  • When appliance is not in use, turn the HANDWHEEL on the propane tank clockwise to CLOSE.
  • When your Mighty Flame propane tank is empty, pick up a fresh one at any Mighty Flame Propane Tank Exchange location.
  • Find your nearest Mighty Flame location by clicking here.

propane tank exchange hookup


Propane Exchange Tank Hookup

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Watch this instructional video to see how to safely connect your Mighty Flame propane cylinder to your gas grill or appliance.

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